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Super Undies

Nighttime Undies Hero

$ 24.95

Need a better overnight option? Super Undies Nighttime Underwear Heroes offer you triple waterproof protection that lasts 6-8 hours*.  Just match your child's wetness output with an insert that can absorb it all, and the incredible waterproof protection of the Hero will do the rest.

Two layers of waterproof material in the body
Waterproof gussets
Soft pliable fleece at the waist and legs
Easy pull-on style
Quality Bedwetting Protection
Insert sold separately or as an add-on

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Do I really need a hero?
    If you have a child who wets the bed and wants a reusable option, then yes, you need a Hero. If you need an even bigger hero, I can introduce you to Jesus. ;)
    Does each pair of Hero Undies come with an insert?
    The Hero Undies, a base price of $24.95 is a shell and does not come with an insert. Some stores may offer inserts as an add-on, while some places may list inserts separately. We display them like this to give people the option of using inserts they already have at home (and many people have invested a lot of money into expensive inserts already) and to give people the option to choose the fiber they think will work best for them. We offer them as an add-on. Check out the Hero Insert Set.
    Can these take more absorbency?
    The Hero Insert Set is designed to fit perfectly in the hero, but if you need to add even more absorbency you may do so. If your insert fits in the Hero Insert pocket, then go for it, otherwise, put your insert behind your Hero Insert Set.
    What if this leaks for me?
    With triple waterproof barriers these would be hard to get to leak, but we have met those occasional kids with "Super Powers." In this case, you need to experiment with a formula.
    Kids Pee Output
    Undies Absorbency Power
    The trick is to match or beat your child's output with absorbency. If you are sure you already are, then your fabrics may be repelling liquid. This can happen from using fabric softener, or from washing over and over and over and over for months. If your inserts are repelling, you can strip wash them or get new inserts. This is a benefit over an All-in-one system, since age may tear up an insert, but you don't need to replace the entire item.

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